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Meet Dr. Douglas Levesque

As a Christian school principal for over ten years, a pastor of over twenty years, and founder of the Bible Nation Society, Dr. Levesque has become a leading voice for educational liberty and moral right in our state. Michigan schools need a leader who will stand and speak for liberty, and protect children without compromise.

Moral Values

Educational Liberty

Parental Rights

 Fiscal Clarity

 Child Protection

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  • Bible Nation Society founder Dr. Douglas Levesque was interviewed by WKAR Radio in East Lansing prior to the State Board of Education’s vote on the proposed LGBTQ guidelines for public school in the State of Michigan. On Wednesday, the board voted in favor of the guidelines 6-2. Dr. Levesque’s interview followed the interview of Nathan Triplett, the former mayor of East Lansing now the policy and political action director for the LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Michigan. Dr. Levesque is a Christian, Conservative, … read more

  • – By Doug Levesque, Independent Candidate for State School Board –  If only the Michigan state school board could come up with a policy as keen, insightful and successful as the tourism board.  Michigan’s waterways, forests and heritage are indeed,  “pure” assets and are touted to the nation as such, but our schools, education policies, and graduation rates are not so pure.  In fact, this year we have made national headlines for our homo-erotic policy proposals for gender confused kids. … read more

  • The current state of educational liberty in Michigan and the United States can be stated thusly: “The state should mandate education for all children from three years of age until high school graduation. Every child should go to a government approved school, learn government approved curriculum from government approved teachers. There should be no religious curriculum taught except secular humanism which states that government is the supreme authority, and humanity is doomed. Everything is to be tolerated except what the … read more

  • – By Dr. Douglas Levesque –  “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”  I Timothy 5:8.  The Bible is clear that a Father has both responsibility and authority over his children.  He must provide them with sustenance, spiritual leadership and protection.  The mother, likewise, clothes her kids with both wool and wisdom.  Nothing can take the place of a fully … read more

  • Detroit children’s lives matter.  Apparently, 46,000 students are getting emergency funding to the tune of 617,000,000 dollars.  That’s $617 million, folks!  I just wanted you to see the zeros involved.  Every student will get over $13,000 in school funding from the state of Michigan.  That does not count any federal, local or independent funds.  Detroit students will be the most funded public school students in the nation.  This is not a caring measure . . . it is a political … read more

  • The current educational administration structure is top-heavy and expensive.  The problem starts at the top.  Many would think that the top would be the Federal Department of Health, Education and Welfare.  This is alarmingly not so.  Current leadership in education comes from the United Nations.  UNESCO, the United Nation Education, Science, and Cultural Organization is the think tank from which most progressive educational thought now originates.  This world body, a collection of the globes most progressive thought, makes the old … read more

  • The Meaning of Public What does the word ‘public’ in public education really mean?  If it means free access for children of American citizens, that’s great.  If it means free daytime childcare for illegal aliens then let’s redefine the word.  Or better yet, let’s get back to the original definition all together. ‘Public’ does not mean government interference into parental affairs.  It does not mean endless funding for poor production through federal, state and local taxes.  It does not mean … read more