Stop government expansion.

Power to the people.

Democrats and Republicans keep expanding governmental powers.  The Constitution decreed very limited governmental powers NOT all-encompassing ones.

Shrink government expenditure.

Cut taxes.

Both parties continue to receive record taxes and promote enlarged spending bills.The Constitution intended for the people to pursue happiness NOT fund the government.

Shrivel government expectations.

Government is NOT God.

Both parties politic to become demigods falsely promising to meet every need. The Constitution was written to ensure the people’s freedom NOT bend them to government power.

Meet Doug


Pastor | Author | Innovator

Dr. Douglas Levesque is the founder of a 21st-century think tank called the Bible Nation Society. He is also the Pastor Emeritus of Immanuel Baptist Church in Corunna Michigan where he planted and led that body for over twenty years. He has been married to his wife Amy for over thirty years. They have five married sons and six grandchildren. They enjoy backpacking, basketball, and reading.

Dr. Levesque’s articles, books, and podcasts may be found on

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